Congestion (Basic)

Our next topic of discussion today is “What is congestion?”

Conjestion means traffic tha is present in the network. Many a times you might find in some of the browsers that this amount of traffic was saved today.This was nothing but the congestion control done to access data faster.

Congestion is caused due to more number of users accessing the same portal.Sometime malicious users does this activity to block the users to access the portal.

There are usually two types of attacks:

  1. Denial of service
  2. Distributed denial of service.

Let us see an example.

If some company X and company Y are providing a same kind of services,then let us say X company’s some employees do send multiple requests to the server of Y company and due to limitations of the number of users the server goes down and lee legal users get access to company Y’s server.

This was Denial of service.

Now in above case the request was sent from the same IP address and there are security precautions on the opposite server that if the requests are from same IP then do block that if abnormal number of requests are received.

So then comes new technique that the employee does use different IP’s so that it does not get blocked.

This is distributed denial of service.


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